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   Notes from Pastor Ralph
On “Jesus In The Gospels”
“Jesus In The Gospels” is a
second generation Bible
study. It is a Bible Study in a
line of projected studies
different from, but also related
in some ways to Disciple Bible
Study. This is a Bible Study
that I have always wanted to
do, ever since it came out in

focuses on the portraits of
Jesus found in the four
Gospels—Matthew, Mark,
Luke, and John. The word in
used in the title signals that
this study takes an approach
different from the familiar “life
and teaching of Jesus”
approach of reading stories
and accounts of what Jesus
said and did in order to draw
conclusions about their
meaning and about who Jesus
was. This study looks at the
way each Gospel writer
presents events and teachings
and at the picture of Jesus that
emerges in each of the

The Study of “Jesus In The
Gospels” began on
Wednesday, August 20, 2014,
at 9:30am in Room 208. If
there are any others that would
like to join us for this study you
are more than welcome. The
only prerequisite for “Jesus in
the Gospels” is Disciple I,
Becoming Disciples Through
Bible Study. We will go over
the first lesson on August 27,
2014. Come join us if you are
Pastor Ralph Jarboe
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Greetings in the Name of the Healing Christ!

Long ago, God’s people Israel were about to experience an
unplanned exile in Babylon. The prophet Jeremiah, who had been
harshly warning them things were about to change, suddenly gave
them these words of assurance “For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the Lord, “plans for good and not for harm, plans to give
you a hope and a future.Then you will call upon me and come and
pray to me, and I will listen to you.” (Jeremiah 29:11) I remember that
‘unplanned’ story of Israel, I thought of my own ‘unplanned’ summer,
grateful that God is listening.

This is not the way I’d planned my summer, although I must admit, I
had planned on getting a new left knee, something my orthopedic
surgeon heartily agreed I ‘kneeded’. The surprise was, of course,
that in the course of preparing for knee replacement surgery, a lump
was found on my neck during a routine exam, which turned out to be
thyroid cancer with some lymph node involvement. When our Salina
District Superintendents (I use the plural here, because one was
leaving and a new one coming on board as the Salina DS) found out
about my multi-surgery summer, they, along with a number of others
in the local church and annual conference, agreed that I should go
on short-term disability, allowing for a retired clergy person to fill in for
me while I went through the process of surgeries and subsequent
treatments for the thyroid cancer. I am so very grateful to the annual
conference, this church and Pastor Ralph for this time to allow me
(somewhat) stress-free time for recuperation and healing.

So how am I now? After a very successful knee replacement surgery
and on May 29th continued rehabilitation , I had a somewhat routine
initial thyroidectomy and ‘radical neck dissection’, that frankly
became quite exciting after emergency surgery was required to stop
some internal bleeding on July 3rd. Since then, I’ve been
recuperating. My stamina is not what is once was, but overall, I’m
doing pretty well as I prepare for, hopefully the final round of this
battle with thyroid cancer. The main weapon will be radioactive iodine
treatment, something that has a high rate of success. There is a lot
of preparation that I’ll go through to prepare any remaining thyroid
cells to receive the radioactive iodine, and below is a brief schedule
of some of what will happen. -A 'C-T' scan in Salina on Friday,
August 22 to determine if the cancer has spread.
-Aug. 27 begins a very restrictive low/no iodine diet for two weeks.
-Sept. 9 & 10- two shots that will finish 'prepping' the thyroid cells to
be 'hungry' for the iodine.
-Sept. 11- RAI Treatment in Wichita. I will come home that day, but
will be in an 'isolation room' here for 24
to 36 hours. After that, I need to be at least 3 feet from people for the
next 7 days.
-Sept 19- I return to Wichita where I'll undergo a full body scan & a
test to determine how radioactive I am at
that time.
-Sept. 22- depending on my radiation level, I will hopefully be able to
return to work.
-Sept. 28- My first Sunday back in the pulpit (it will be a truly grand
and glorious day!)
-March, 2015- I'll return to Wichita for a 2nd full body scan to
determine if any cancer remains.

Thanks to each of you for your patience, your support, your good
work, and your prayers. I can't adequately express my gratitude for
all you have done, are doing, & continue to do during this time of
“exile”.  It’s definitely not the way I’d planned my summer, but God
has been there for me, and indeed, us with plans for good and not
harm, a plan with a future and a hope.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Mike