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Whether you're looking for
meaningful traditional worship
or an uplifting contemporary
service, the choice is yours at
University United Methodist
Church in Salina, Kansas.

Since 1917, University UMC
has been located at 1509
South Santa Fe
adjacent to the Kansas
Wesleyan University campus.

We invite you to come and
visit our prayer garden,
prayerfully reflect upon the
beautiful stained-glass
windows, and attend our
worship and fellowship
Sunday Worship Times
Early Bird Worship
Fellowship time—Little
9:30-10:30: Christian
Education Hour
Service (Blended
Contemporary Worship)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Weekly Candlelight
Prayer Service
Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
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Thanks be to Christ and his people!
Long ago, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to the people of the
newly established Church in Philippi. Recently, I’ve been
reading Philippians with a renewed interest. In his greeting
he said this to them: “I thank my God every time I remember you,
constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of
you...” (Philippians 1:3-4)  I think of that scripture as I remember
and thank God for each of you. You have shown me an
outpouring of love and care that is so greatly appreciated, it’s
hard for me to describe. I have received scores of cards,
prayers, and offers to help from you. Thank you. It lifts my spirit
so much to hear from you and know that you are remembering
me in your prayers.

I am also so very grateful for the Church staff and volunteers who
have filled in to make sure that the work of University Church
continues... not simply surviving, but thriving! I’m grateful for the
leadership of the Governance and Ministry Board who are boldly
moving the Church forward, even as the Church finances wane
during the “summer slump” of giving. One way you can help is to
consider joyfully supporting the Church financially with a ‘second
mile gift’ to ease any financial concern. By not having to be
concerned about the finances of the Church will be very helpful
to me as I recuperate. Thank you for your extreme generosity.
My circumstances have changed in a short amount of time, and
what was supposed to have been a somewhat routine knee
replacement surgery has become that plus thyroid cancer
surgery and subsequent treatments. Inasmuch, our District
Superintendent, in consultation with the UUMC Governance and
Ministry Board has applied for short term disability through the
General United Methodist Church to provide funding for an
interim pastor. Being considered ‘disabled’ is certainly a
change for me, and most importantly, because my
circumstances are changing, it also means that the
circumstances of University Church are changing, and
change is seldom easy. However, change we must.
Part of that change is adjusting to a short-term pastoral change,
even though the pastor is a familiar one. I am grateful for Pastor
Ralph who will be filling in for me while I recuperate. I know you
will be supportive of his leadership and preaching in my
absence. I certainly am.

Finally, thank you once again for allowing me the privilege of
being your pastor, even as I remain “in exile for a while”. The
Apostle Paul, who was “in exile for a while” (albeit in a Roman
jail) when he wrote Philippians, ends his letter stating “The
grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.” May it be so
for you, this day and forevermore.
                                      Grace and Peace, Pastor Mike  
We have a team of
prayer warriors who
will pray for you.  
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1509 S. Santa Fe, Salina, KS 67401   785-825-9505
Pastor Mike Rose
“We envision
University United
Methodist Church
as a growing,
dynamic, spirit-
filled, Christ-
centered, and multi-
cultural church for
all ages and stages
of life, transforming
our campus,
community, and
world through the
sharing of our
prayers, presence,
gifts, service and
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                      A Note
                      Pastor Ralph

I want to take this opportunity
to thank the congregation for
their support as I fill in for
Pastor Mike during his
surgeries and recovery time
after each one. During this
time I will be keeping office
hours and conducting the
worship services on Sunday
morning, Wednesday
Candlelight Prayer service,
and Saturday night Church for
all People.

My Office Hours will be as
follows: Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday mornings from 9-
Noon. Since I have to be here
Wednesdays for Prayer Time I
will come in at 2pm and stay
until after Prayer Service. My
days off will be Wednesday
and Saturday mornings and all
day on Friday. I am available
by Cell Phone when needed:

During this time we need to
“Keep the Main Thing, The
Main Thing”. We need to keep
Pastor Mike in our prayers
daily and pray for a speedy
recovery. We need to keep
the Governance Board in our
prayers as they govern
University United Methodist
Church with God’s Help.
Please keep me in your
prayers as I fill in for Pastor
Thanks, Pastor Ralph